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Puzzle bubble is the classic bust-a-move arcade game that was originally released back in 1994 and it's success has spawned many sequels. Featuring the dragons from the 80's arcade classic bubble bobble, puzzle bubble takes the twin dragons bub and bob on a different adventure. This time they must clear the rounds of all the falling gems before they get crushed to death.

By firing bubble like gems out of their canon they can match three of a kind and clear the ceiling. Each round gets trickier with new shapes and combinations of bubbles stacked on top of each other. Some levels are more about problem solving than simply matching three of a kind until all the bubbles are cleared. For example on one particular level you only need one shot to clear all the bubbles. By rebounding one bubble off the wall you can reach the top two bubbles which are connecting all the others together. Firing a third up to the top will create three of a kind and make all bubbles connected to these two fall off the screen.

The music in the game is fun loving and even though there is only one tune for all rounds it never seems to get repetitive due to it's light and joyess nature. One of the quirky parts to the visuals of puzzle bubble is noticing bub and bob squirm when the ceiling falls too close to them. This is an indication that your time is nearly up and the game is about to end unless you clear the gems quickly.

This bubble popping game is our classic pick of the popping bubbles games collection. Another game similar to this which is very popular online is bubble shot, if you like puzzle bubble you will also enjoy this bubble bursting flash game.