Bubble Popping Games

Number 1 Choice

popping bubbles games: luxor 5th passage

Luxor the 5th Passage is a our number one choice for a marble popper. This premium casual title offers up stunning visuals and sound effects to satisfy any real marble player. Set in ancient egypt it is the 4th game in the series. It is all about destroying the balls that run along the track by matching three or more of a kind and gaining power ups to destroy more balls even faster. It's pretty much like this in all marble poppers except Luxor the 5th Passage offers the most superior graphics.

Controlling a winged scarab shooter you need to clear the colourful balls before they smash down your pyramids and end the game. Along the way you will also collect many treasures, achievements and some eye catching powers.

Funiest Bubble Burster

popping bubbles games: birds town

Before Birds Town only Bubble Town offered the lighter side of these types of games with a mix of humour and cartoony graphics. Then along came Birds Town to claim number one spot for the whackiest one on the net. This game actually has a decent concept , sure it's not too in depth, but then again any marble popper fan is not looking for stories.

The aim beyond bursting the bubbles in Wild Tangent's cute title is to build up your the birds town by setting your little feathered construction workers to perform different building tasks. In the way of this noble project are the conniving cats that will stop at nothing to ruin your plans and to eat your workers! Try Birds Town now.

Cutest One

popping bubbles games: bubble town

Our cutest and most aesthetically pleasing one has been around since 2008, it becomes highly addictive as soon as you pop your first bubble so it has lasted the test of time. Bubble Town is a delightfully made title and features quirky and amusing faces that you must clear from the board. It's concept is very similar to puzzle bobble but it also offers better graphics, boss levels and much more fun. As an example some of the bubbles you try to clear are asleep at first so you need to hit them twice to clear them, once to wake them up and the second time when you are matching them with two other of the same kind. The game looks and feels far more interactive compared to others.

The plot is rather simple, but that's to be expected, you have to put a stop to the invasion of the nasty lumps who are trying to take over Borb Bay by clearing them up through matching three of a kind. If your looking for one that will make you smile then this is the one for you.

Classic Game

popping bubbles games: puzzle bubble

The epitomy of all bubble like games is this arcade classic - puzzle bobble otherwise known as bust-a-move. Controlling two dragons, one green, one blue you fire gems at a stack above attached to the ceiling. You must clear all these bubbles before the ceiling collapses and crushes your dragons. The flash version has the look and the feel of the original arcade game which is why it has become so popular. With millions of fans playing everyday online it easily goes shoulder to shoulder with bubble shot for the top spot of an online game. If your looking to play a fun title whilst reliving arcade history then this Taito remake should be your choice out of all the popping bubbles games.

Most Addictive Version

popping bubbles games: bubble shot

Created by Absolutist this one has become the number one online game of it's kind with millions of players playing every day. It has a similar concept to Puzzle Bobble and Bubble Town yet the graphics are very plain, it looks like no big deal, although the bubbles look like skittle sweets so perhaps it strikes a cord with sweet eaters! but seriously what's the big deal? Well I think it's simplicity is what get's gamers coming back for more. As soon as it loads your straight into the action, no story, no characters to control, no heavy graphics, just simple bubble shooting fun, fire at the stack above and get a high score. See for yourself why gamers all over the world are playing bubble shot over and over again.

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