Bloons Tower Defense 4 Game

Fall in line, grab your gear and move out!

It is an all-out war in this fourth installment of the Bloons Tower Defense franchise. Ninja Kiwi finally presents Bloons 4 Tower Defence. Our adorable little primates have finally had enough of those pesky invading bloons and have enlisted themselves into the army to combat the ever increasing threat brought by these vile bloons, who are preparing yet another fresh assault on our heroes. But this time, our chimp buddies are more than ready to thwart the evil bloons’ plan for world domination. Our heroes are now equipped with an awesome new line-up of power ups, gadgets and special attacks that would blow up any invader to smithereens. All they are waiting for are your orders, so get up and rally the troops because war is coming to the land of Bloons.

A feast for the eyes, Monkeys get their stripes.

For those who have played Bloons Tower Defense 3, the graphics back then were way simpler and a little bland – not this time. The developers made a heck of a giant change as to how this game looks, and it shows. In fact it is a complete overhaul of the previous designs, from the road layouts and the sharp colours of the background scenery – everything is so good to look at, that players would not even think that this was a Bloons game. The avatars of the defence units have changed dramatically and their colour tones and designs have improved significantly in this game. There is a lot to see in this top view, real-time strategy game that will entice you to watch and play. Especially with the game’s new line up of defences and their badass looks, players will definitely spend hours upgrading the different units to see what they will morph into.

The Upgrade System has changed as well. Each time you upgrade a unit, they get a rank up in their status, depicted by the military stripe that appears on the avatar of the unit you upgraded. Each unit has four upgrades; with the fourth one usually requiring you to be at a certain career rank to unlock them. So if you want to see them all, you better start popping those balloons to earn those stripes.

The Menu System also has a new look. Sharper colours have been used in the game and  the Message screen at the bottom which only appears for a few seconds in the previous Bloons Tower Defence games is now made permanent - to make the planning of your troops a whole lot easier.

There are also a lot more maps to choose from with unique designs since the developers are no longer sticking to plain road maps like in previous games. You will find yourself battling bloons in a variety of places, from a lollipop shaped inspired map, to the contours of a city and even a DNA Helix map - pick whatever map that takes your fancy.

Also, Bloons 4 Tower Defence is the first in the series to introduce a moving unit, the Monkey Ace. An airplane which patrols the skies and shoots darts in multiple directions as it moves around in a loop resembling that of the number 8. This gives more depth to the game than the usual stationary units that you deploy along the roads. Another fun addition and probably the most important one, is the Dartling Gun Defence unit, a Monkey wielding a gatling gun – which we found really cool since it can shoot multiple darts at the same time.

It is the Dance of the Monkeys

Music was finally added this time around. No longer do you have to sit there in silence as you deploy your troops. The upbeat Caribbean type music gives you the feeling that the monkeys are psyched and are ready to fight those pesky bloons head-on. It is a wonderful track that sets the mood for you to think up your strategy as you lay down the defences you need to prevent those bloons from getting inside your territory.

Sound effects are sharp and clear, despite the fact that some were already used in the previous game. While they do sound repetitive and all too familiar, it does not really affect the overall quality of the game’s audio presentation. The game still delivers that convincing sound that comes from a cannon firing, to a monkey wizard unleashing the power of a giant whirlwind – this definitely adds in setting the mood of the game.

On the Road of War once again

Once more, the player’s wits and strategic abilities will be tested in Bloons Tower Defense 4. With its new line-up of special units and power ups, as well as added map difficulty settings and a new challenge mode that requires you to clear the map with extra restrictions or goals.  The line-up of the twelve units from Bloons Tower Defence 3 has been upgraded too. You now have 18 new and improved units to familiarize yourself with. While some of the old units like the Spike-o-pult was merged together with another unit and is now an upgrade to the standard Dart Monkey, other units are still available with minimal to no changes at all. Unlike before where only the Super Monkey Option was needed to be unlocked - here you are only given 3 units to begin with when you start the game, so the other remaining units are only unlocked when you have reached a certain rank.

Additional defence units will be unlocked by increasing your career rank, another new added feature in the game. As you start popping bloons, you will notice a thin green bar slowly filling up inside the message screen at the bottom. If you look closer there is a message on that bar that tells you how many bloons you need to pop to increase your career rank. You can also unlock other stuff in the game as your career rank goes higher, like the Sandbox Mode, where you have unlimited money and lives. You can even set up what type of bloons will come out and when – this serves as the perfect training ground to test out new strategies and find out what unit upgrade is useful in different situations. For those die-hard fans who love endless map challenges, there is an Apocalypse Mode that unlocks when you reach Rank 31 that will surely test your skills.

The game has upgraded its strategy system as well, by introducing the Monkey Ace unit, a plane that moves around and shoots darts in all directions and upgrades into a bomber type plane that places pineapple bombs at set intervals along its flight path. This gives the game a different angle upon which to build your defences on. Bloons Tower Defense 4 also has a new enemy unit, the Camouflage bloon, which is undetectable by regular units unless you have an upgraded Monkey Beacon, which can be used to detect this unseen enemy. You can also upgrade the Monkey Ace to a Stealth detector so that the other units can detect the Camouflage bloon. All of these new additions to the game not only bring new styles of gameplay buy new strategies as well.

Normally, you place your defences down on strategic places along the map and press the Start Button to begin the stage, and then you just watch, helplessly thinking if your tactic will thwart the bloons’ assault or not. Well, Bloons Tower Defense 4 has introduced a new unit that will put your mind at ease - the Dartling Gun. A monkey wielding a Gatling gun that moves depending on where you point your mouse, it is an interactive unit that finally involves you in the battle against the hordes of Bloons. You can adjust your strategy with this unit if there is a place you may have overlooked and left poorly guarded, or if you just want to feel involved in the process of shooting down those pesky Bloons. You also have the option of speeding things up with the Fast Forward Button if you are confident enough with your defences.

Sometimes there just isn’t enough money to fund your war efforts in Bloons Tower Defence 4. The developers have thought up a solution to this and that is with the Banana Farm, a Unit that provides you with extra income at the end of each stage, to help alleviate your need to burn some cash for that much needed unit upgrade. Keep improving these structures and you will eventually be able to unlock the Banana Republic, which nets you 500 points at the end of each round, make multiple structures to get even more money. Just put them well away from your waterfront because they absolutely do nothing to prevent enemy bloons from passing by.

No Bloon left Standing

Bloons Tower Defence 4 is definitely a great leap from its predecessor in terms of graphics quality, sounds and gameplay. The game provides you with a fresh new look at Real Time Strategy games. For a flash game, it offers a variety of challenges rarely seen in games from the same genre. It will definitely entertain gamers for hours on end while popping those pesky bloons and teaching them a lesson they would not soon forget. Though for those who want to play BTD4 and access everything in the game, like saving your current status, unlocking other cool upgrades and features, will require you to register at Ninja Kiwi has come up with another brilliant game with this awesome fourth release in the Bloons Tower Defence series.