Bloons Tower Defense 3 Game

Bloons Tower Defense 3: The Balloons are Back In Even Greater Force!

Strap on your Combat boots and get ready to issue those commands, position your troops of monkeys, cannons, and other anti balloon weapons and prepare to defend those roads at all costs. Here comes Ninja Kiwi’s Bloons Tower Defense 3 often abbreviated as Bloons TD or BTD. War is about begin between the monkeys and the balloons. Get ready to face those pesky balloons in this real time strategy flash game, as you struggle to emerge victorious.

8 Bit Graphics Blitz

Bloons Tower Defense 3 has a simple graphics engine that reminds you of the games you played way back in the early 90’s - while they are outdated, they still look quite good, even if they are a little simple. The roads and character designs give off the look of a children’s story book - colorful and cartoonish. From a top down view of the map, the game does not give you much to look at. The only fun part about the graphics is that each defense unit undergoes several aesthetic changes in its appearance depending on what upgrades you give them, like the Tack Shooter, a pink round mechanical device that shoots tacks in eight different directions which has been around since the original Bloons Tower Defense game, and the Spike-o-pult unit that upgrades from a single dart thrower to a triple dart launcher unit. The best part of the game's graphics can be seen when you have finally unlocked the Super Monkey Storm Attack that summons multiple Super Monkeys that obliterate all the  balloons left on the screen – this attack left us speechless.

The calm before the Storm

There seems to be no music in the world of Bloons Tower Defense 3 since it is deathly quiet while setting up your defenses along the roads. The game has no background music at all – which is quite disappointing. Once you start the stage and the balloons start rolling in, all there is to hear are those popping sounds of balloons and the explosions made by your units. The game’s sound effects are fine though, from the simple swish a dart thrower creates to the explosive sounds of cannons going off – pretty much all your units have some form of audio effect accompanying their attacks. With such varied sound effects at the player’s disposal, no balloon will be safe from the sweet selection of weapons you can build in Bloons Tower Defense 3.

Putting on your Thinking Cap

Players may think just because the graphics and sounds are simple this game is easy? Well you will be in for a rude awakening. Tower Defense games are a subgenre of real time strategy games, which have been around for quite some time, among the famous ones are Final fantasy VII’s Fort Condor Mini-game in 1997, and that of Warcraft III. And like those games you will need to carefully plan out your defenses right or those balloons will just float past and eat up your character’s lives. Using your mouse, you can buy different defense units with points earned from killing balloons, you are given a certain amount of money at the beginning to set up a simple defense but the rest depends on how well you dispose of the enemy since killing them grants you more cash to spend.

There are three difficulty settings in the game, each one provides you with a certain amount of Health points; on Easy difficulty, you get 100 HP points, on Medium you start with 75 HP points and on Hard with only 50 HP points. You also get 650 cash regardless of the difficulty level. Each balloon that gets through is equivalent to 1 point each.  Also the cost of the units differs in each difficulty as well. There are eight maps to choose from, each has terrain advantages and disadvantages as you will discover as you play and with fifty – yes, that is fifty rounds of fun there are plenty of ways to see how good of a commander you are.

The objective of the game is to prevent the balloons from passing through the roads by setting up monkey dart shooters and other defensive units so that they will not reach the other end of the path. Each balloon you pop earns you points to pay for the defense and upgrades that are available to you on the right side of the screen. The choice and positioning of the units is essential in any Tower Defense game and this one is no exception. So try out the units and their upgrades in order to see what balloons are weak against them.

There are plenty of balloons in the game; regular ones, fast ones, balloons that need two or three hits before they pop, even metallic balloons that require canon shots to destroy their armor and the annoying rainbow balloons that once you pop, gives birth to more balloons. There is even the dreaded MOAB, or Mother of all Balloons – these are the balloons that can put any commanding primate to shame.

You will not have access to all of the maps at the beginning of your game. You can only play the first four and the other maps will get unlocked by clearing the first four maps. Depending on how well you have cleared the map you will be awarded a bronze, silver or gold medal at the end of the fiftieth round. At each round you clear there will be a message at the bottom of the screen informing you of the bonus money you have earned and will sometimes tell you of the next wave of balloons, how many are coming, what types of balloons are included in the next wave and other useful information. The player needs to pay attention to this because it only flashes the message for a short time and can easily be missed.

The best way to survive the waves of balloons is to keep in mind that some Tower Defense units work well in tandem with other units depending on what upgrades you have bought for them. Also overlapping the range circles of each defense unit is an effective way of creating a kill zone, plus designating Target Priority will help you organize your attacks better. You also have the option to upgrade a unit on the spot as long as you have the money - this can also be a useful strategy in some instances. It is quite nice to survive through several stages with just a few well positioned units than using up all your money on multiple ones that are not efficient at all.

Lastly, out of the twelve units at your disposal there is one you cannot access without building a specific unit first and upgrading one of its special functions. The one with the question mark on it, labelled top secret is the one we are talking about.  You have to put up a Monkey Beacon and upgrade its secondary ability to unlock this option, which is known as Super Monkey Storm. This is probably the strongest weapon in the game, as it wipes out all the enemies on the screen. You should save this one for emergency situations though, because it is not cheap to activate and has a limited number of use.

As the Smoke Clears

Tower Defense Games are always fun, from consoles to cell phones and PCs, it is always a great brain teaser that offers hours of enjoyment. Ninja Kiwi has done another great job with Bloons Tower Defense 3, despite its few shortcomings in the sound department it is still a fun game to spend time on. With its varying difficulty levels you will not be putting this game down anytime soon once you get addicted to its gameplay. A highly recommended game for both fans of the genre and newcomers alike, Bloon Tower Defense 3 is a game worth checking. When all is said and done, Bloons Tower Defense has succeeded in holding the line.