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Bloons is the number one game of skill featuring balloons and is full of fun and excitement. Each level presents various challenges which are simple in nature and this is what makes this game so addictive. In simple words, the main challenge is to pop the balloons, however, it is not as simple as it seems. The original game featuring everyones favourite monkey trying to pop all the balloons with a dart was made in 2007 and over time its entire series was introduced. There is a monkey in the game which represents you who's job it is to pop the balloons. Your weapon is a collection of darts which helps you in your mission of popping the balloons in every stage. Once you have hit the target number of balloons you will be able to move on to the next level.

Bloons is easy to master yet you never feel bored of playing it. The major reason of the popularity of this game is the instant fun it provides the players with. You do not have to go through any instructions as how to play the game since it can simply be started the moment you enter it. In the same way, the easy design and control of the game makes you learn it quickly. All balloon popping games are crafted on the same lines of simplicity and interest. Despite the easy play of the game the real challenge lies in mastering the right targeting of the balloons so that you can move on to the next stages which are more difficulty.

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The variety of the games is another great aspect which makes them so popular. Some of them include Bloons Player Pack 1, Bloons Player Pack 2, Bloons Player Pack 3, Bloons Player Pack 4, Bloons Player Pack 5, More Bloons, Even More Bloons and Bloons Insanity. Although the main theme and challenge of all these pop games is similar yet each has a unique touch to it. There is difference of difficulty and obstacles which you need to clear.

Proper control of the target arrow is what you need to learn in order to master this game. In the start you may find it hard to pop all the target balloons but this is where you need to practice and have better control on the darts. You need to target the arrow in a way that you are able to pop as many balloons as possible in a single throw. There are simple balloons as well as those that have bombs and other special features inside them. Hitting the ones with bombs causes blasts which pop several balloons in one hit. In the same way, there are different weapons or tools in some balloons which you should target in order to hit more balloons in a single go.

The setting of obstacles, the placement of balloons, and tools that you get vary in each pop it game and in each level. The difficulty level keeps on increasing in each stage and you find yourself more and more motivated to complete every level no matter how many times you may have to retry!

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Can You Overcome So Many Tricky Levels?

Some of the Levels

Level 7 (Dart From Above)

Popping 85 balloons will get you past this level. This is the first level for the monkey to be in a new position. This time he is top left of the screen. With your first dart ensure you hit one of the two "triple dart" bloons. These are the two aqua shaded ones. Your next dart should take out the other one. With the remaining darts just take out as many as possible of the bloons remaining. You could achieve the target with a little practice; otherwise a score of about 90% is adequate to complete the level.

Level 16 (Boomer)

28 balloons required to complete the level of the original pop balloons game. We see the quick return of the boomerang bloon in this level. Take the left hand pack out with the first shot and the boomerang should be ours. Once you have the boomerang shot fire it as hard as possible towards the center of the middle pack of bloons, aiming just slightly beyond the pack. It is very hard to score 100%, but a score of 85%+ is quite reasonable.

Level 22 (Round-a-bout)

68 bloons required to complete the level. We again encounter both the Boomerang bloon and ice bloons. On the first shot, hit the boomerang and then with the second shot "throw" the boomerang with as much power as possible to arc around the central ice bloons. Remember, you have to stay away from the ice ones. With the final shot clear as many as possible of the remaining bloons, again ensuring the ice bloons are left intact. Difficult to actually clear the board, but a score of about 80% is quite passable.

Level 25 (Demolition)

65 balloons need to be popped to complete this level of the pop it game. Contrary to the previous level (23) where we encountered mine bloons, on this level they actually work for you. One the first shot take out as many mines as possible by using long arcs and watch the mines demolish all below them, both walls and bloons. Continue to work in this fashion and if you have an odd dart left after getting all the mines, pick off a few of any remaining bloons. Frequently you will have one or two left at the end of the level, but it will be adequate to complete the level and move on.

Level 34 (Igloos)

58 bloons required to complete the level. Thankfully the game developers have given us a little respite again with this level. Firstly aim directly at the bomb bloon in the bottom group; this should get rid of that group. If you end up with a boomerang you can throw it just about anywhere, but you have to avoid the ice bloon in the top group. In fact you are better leaving that group intact if you can. For the next dart aim for the bomb in the upper group and this will again wipe out the entire group. Do not be tempted to go for the top group first as the falling ice bloon will freeze some of the lower group.

That's all I have for walkthroughs of the original bloons game levels, I hope some of them proved useful to you!