Bloons Tower Defense 6 Game

Bloons Tower Defense 6 has not yet been released but is in development. Why not see if you agree with our expectations for the sequel, after which you can check out our other games below:

Ideas for implementations in a future sequel

bloons tower defense 6 coming soon

Immensity in Gaming

If there was ever any doubt as to the sheer greatness of the Bloons Tower Defense series as an effective leader of its genre, a triumph of flash-based gameplay, and indeed a perfect example of all the features that a game should have, then just voice your opinion on one of the many topics in one of the many internet forums relating to the series, and just see how well that goes down. Bloons Tower Defense 5 , the latest title in Ninjakiwi’s hugely successful series of tower defense masterpieces, is a title that stands at the pinnacle of both the series and indeed the genre in general. Very few games can meet the level of style and elegant design combined with the hugely inventive and wildly imaginative content of the game, which is why we’re going to just have to wait for Bloons Tower Defense 6 to materialise before we play anything that can even come close to equalling the immensity of Bloons Tower Defense 5. It’s too early for an actual sequel, so instead I just fancy throwing around some casual ideas and perhaps collect a few light concepts pertaining to the not-yet-existent Bloons Tower Defense 6.


There is a considerable amount of musing, conceptualising, and general blue-skying going on about the different kinds of bloons that could pop up in Bloons Tower Defense 6. The sheer number of the ideas means that seeing them all featured in the sequel would be an impossibility, not to mention the outlandish and frankly terrible quality of some of the concepts. Some of the more interesting ones run along the lines of having elemental towers that are strong and weak against certain elemental bloons: fire pwns ice bloons, water decimates fire bloons etc. While a definite lift from Pokémon, the basic idea of types and counter-types is a solid one and is one that could be implemented in one way or another.

Other bloon ideas also posit the possibility of different materials and compounds, such as glass bloons that are immune to laser attacks, diamond bloons that spawn ceramic offspring, and of course different versions of the extreme bloons that already exist in Bloons Tower Defense 5. Some of the extreme bloons ideas include bloons that are stronger than the ZOMG, such as the OMFHG (Oh My *Expletive*Holy God), Devil Bloon, or the mighty Ultra X, said on one of the many bloons wikis to possess 20,000 lives on hard mode. Here I am merely providing exemplars of bloons which highlight the basic idea of having more bloons of different type that possess various properties that correspond with different kinds of bloons. Instead of working backwards by creating towers for ready- existing bloons, fresh and original designs should be designed concurrently in order for the relationship between the two to be more natural and not simply new designs forced to gel with old ones.

Tower House (In the Middle of Tower Street) 

Of course, with new bloons come new tower possibilities that correspond with or work well alongside some of the bloon ideas. For the possible glass bloon, for example, there could be a laser tower that could not penetrate it unless upgraded to a certain level, and the diamond bloon would need a diamond tower or similar in order to destroy it. Various kinds of creative designs are also possible, such as the nerd monkey that uses pencils to pop its bloons, as well as something like a monkey ‘school’ or barracks-like tower that improves and upgrades towers that surround it. Elemental ideas can also correspond with the elemental bloons, with fire, ice, water, and air being just a few possibilities.


There are few limitations to Bloons Tower Defense’s style of gameplay, but one of the most noticeable is that patterns of movement that the bloons follow. Each wave of bloons follows a fairly linear and eventually predictable pattern that results in repeatedly using the same kinds of towers over and over again, which is effectively a case of predictability feeding predictability. The gameplay is therefore eventually at risk of simply becoming a set of highly predictable patterns that lead to favouring one type of tower over another. Having entirely random patterns of movement would of course lead to absolute chaos and complete unpredictability, making it impossible for guides to be written due to no two level outcomes being the same. A compromise between absolute predictability and complete random chaos could be reached, however, with bloons perhaps following a few preset patterns, increasing the unpredictability without pushing things over into a quantum nightmare.

True Story

I would imagine that having a story mode is perhaps one of the most requested/longed after features when thinking about the future of Bloons Tower Defense. All of the current Bloons Tower Defense games are pretty rigid and don’t do much to explain why the monkeys are doing what they are doing. A story mode with incremental developments, plot twists, and definite, identifiable characters would be a revolutionary step, but one that would be met with much delight from players.