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Balloon Popper is a popular flash game where you control a monkey and pop a bunch of colourful balloons. You need to clear a certain amount of balloons before you can move on to the next level. There are many obstacles in the way of you and your monkey and these will need to be overcomed using a limited amount of darts. You have an endless amount of lives to try to overcome each level, perhaps this option was made available by the developers because they thought that completing the later levels was hard enough with unlimited lives, nevermind having to start the game all over again.

There have been many sequels to this original balloon popper game which can all be navigated to down the right hand side of this page. But the original version is still the most played game featuring balloons on the net with many of the gaming portals that have chosen to publish the game, receiving millions of plays for Bloons. Besides the player packs, more bloons, even more bloons, bloons 2 and bloons 2 christmas edition there has been a series of tower defense games that have proved equally as successful. Pop Tower 4 Update is the most highly rated version of this range.