About the Games

This collection of games are dominated by Ninja Kiwi. This first of which named 'Bloons' was a huge success for the developers from its launch in April 2007. It was the original version that sky rocketed Ninja Kiwi to success, yet it was not the developers original game. They had a few flops before they struck gold with this now monkey loving series.

The success of bloons which involves skill in popping balloons with darts to pass each level has encouraged the development of other versions of the series and the continuing development of the successful brand image. They are suitable for all platforms, computer, game console, and phone based and they all reproduce the childhood fun most people can remember by bursting balloons!

As each game progresses we come across a number of different walls and other obstacles, as well as a number of different types of balloons. Some are positive bursts for play advancement, some bad, and some switch roles depending on the level being played. We will come across a variety of walls, solid, rubber and those you can blast through.

Likewise they come as pin, bomb, Pac-Man, ice, and a few other variants which will need to be played for the advancement of the game. The feature character of the game is the Monkey who fires darts at the balloons. The dart is simple to control and the throw is fairly easy once you are used to it, but a little difficult to originally master.

The player has control over both the power and direction of the throw. A red arrow appears and lengthens to give a guide to power, and direction. It may prove easier to move the mouse curser to the target area for the shot direction. There are 50 levels in the original format of each game. Some reincarnations which are designed for phone games or for consoles have a greater number of levels.

One of the major differences between the game known unofficially as the 'pop it game' and other flash games is the number of lives. In Bloons you never run out of lives. You run out of darts, but you can either replay a level or choose unlimited darts, which tends to take much of the entertainment out of the game.

Levels 23 and 30 are two of the more challenging in the original, but level 47 is the most challenging. The developers have considerately mixed in some easier levels during game play, varying the difficulty but ensuring each level still offers both interest and skill needs with regards to popping them precisely.

Some of the Levels of the original game

Level 5 (Starburst)

70 balloons required to complete the level. Your monkey only has two darts in this level. More darts aren't needed though. First one hit any of the "pin bloons" and it should leave you with just one bloon to hit with your second shot. Another easy to fully complete level.

Level 9 (Boing)

29 bloons required to complete the level. The new addition to your experience in this level is the introduction of a "rubber wall". This is the vertical black wall to the right of the screen. With the first dart, fire it through the top level, taking out as many as possible while bouncing it off the rubber wall. Normal ricochet calculations are used. With the second dart, do the same again, trying to take out as many of the remaining ones as possible. Same applies until you reach the end of the level. A score of about 95% is quite acceptable, although it is, of course, possible with some experience to clear them all.

Level 14 (Maze)

60 balloons to pop to complete the level. On this level we find yet another new introduction. This is the "dart bloon" and when the bloon is popped it gives you an extra dart. It can be found as the purple bloon on the lowest row and has the logo of a yellow dart inside. This level is very reminiscent of the old pinball machines and is played exactly the same way using the rubber walls as ricochet tools. The first dart should be fired with plenty of power to take out as many as possible of the top row and it will then move around the lower sections bouncing off the rubber walls until it either leaves the maze, or, more likely runs out of energy. Make sure you get the dart balloon as you play. One trick is to bounce off the lower part of the first section earlier and let the dart fired ricochet to the lower levels, otherwise you are likely to have it just rebound and leave by the same hole it was fired through. It is fairly straightforward once you get the hang of it to clear them all.

Level 21 (Throwback)

13 to pop to complete the level. On this level we have yet another introduction in the bloon games series. This time we encounter the "Pac-Man". Yes, the one we know so well from video games is right here. Your first shot should be at Pac-Man. Once he has been hit he will happily go along and eat the other bloons for you, so just the one shot is required.

Which ever one of the collection of pop games you choose to play we are in no doubt that you will be back for more in the near future. One of the series most popular branch offs may also be worth checking out, this involves defending a track from a collection of balloons that come rushing by, here - BTD 4

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